Barrow's Edge

Barrow’s Edge is a frontier town with a population of approximately 100 adults, which has grown steadily up until the onset of the goblin raids. A variety of races inhabit the town. Slightly more than half of the population is human, and the rest is made up if the other core races: dwarves, elves, gnomes, half-elves, half-orcs, and halflings.

As a hamlet, Barrow’s Edge only offers items for sale of up to 100 gp in value. In addition, when the characters sell treasure, the town can only afford to purchase 500 gp worth of things from them at one time and has only about 500 gp worth of items to sell. Because the settlement sees a lot of travelers and trade, this recharges on a weekly basis.

Barrow’s Edge has recently been experiencing trouble with an increase in aggresiveness from the neighboring goblin raiders known as the Howling Horde. The town has recently sent out a message calling for help from adventurers, and offering a reward for anyone who can clear out the goblins.

Houses, a blacksmith and stable, a tinker, a grocer, a money-lender, and outlying farms, make up the rest of the hamlet and the environs around it. Everyone who lives here is nervous about the recent goblin activity, and most of the hamlet’s inhabitants greet adventurers warmly is the identify themselves as coming in answer to the call for help that was sent out. The most prominent members of the community are Mallie Marchess the innkeeper, Listra the cleric, and Arvel Durgedown, the moneylender.

Some places of note in Barrow’s Edge:
Sten Goodseller’s Emporium
Barrow’s Edge Inn

Barrow's Edge

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