Scourge of the Howling Horde

The Journey to Barrow's Edge
The Beginning

Katlyn and Olivia, two intrepid adventurers’ were on their way along a journey to Barrow’s Edge after having heard of a cry for help from the townsfolk for brave adventurers’. On the way along the road they bumped into a human sorceror by the name of Veit. He was on his way to Barrow’s Edge as well, for the same reasons, so they decided to join forces, and they could all split the reward. Three heads are better then one right, and who knew what they might have to face in Barrow’s Edge. They continued along the road, only to find a wagon tipped over surrounded by fallen elf guards for the wagon and bloody goblins. A battle ensued, but the three adventurers’ were able to defeat the three remaining goblins. Hiding among the wagon goods was a small merchant named Sten Goodseller. Olivia and Veit collected objects from the defeated goblins well Katlyn stabilized two dying guards, and the three agreed to accompany Sten on the way back to Barrow’s Edge, and act as guards. In reward for their bravery and service, Sten offered each 100 gp worth of credit in her shop, ‘Sten Goodseller’s Emporium’. Once the wagon was pushed back upright and the horses hitched, the journey continued. The party had been traveling for some hours. The moon lay in a position of about twilight, when suddenly a goblin druid, Glarr, and his wolf, Bloodfang, ambushed the group on the road, trying to eliminate anyone who’d survived the raiding party and was still on their way into the hamlet of Barrow’s Edge. Katlyn was sleeping in the wagon as Olivia and Veit took their shifts on patrol, and their was no time to wake her. Olivia and Veit valiantly took down first Bloodfang then Glarr who was also sleeping on the job during Olivia’s final blow thanks to a sleeping spell cast by Veit. After a long battle, the two were exuasted, but they agreed that it was important to reach Barrow’s Edge as quickly as possible to avoid any more abushes. They continued along the road into the morning, and now stand right outside the town wall of Barrow’s Edge. There was no further events worth mentioning along the remainder of the trip.


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